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Authentic And Original Dubai Abaya From Dubai

The abayas from Dubai are well known to the world as it is such a glamorous city, known for being the epicentre of Islamic fashion the city is host to many fashion events such as the Dubai Fashion week  which showcases the latest Dubai abaya trends and designs.

For many though, travelling to Dubai to buy an abaya is a luxury out of their reach, that's why we have brought the collection straight to you at Arabian Boutique so you can easily get a Dubai abaya online from the comfort of your own home.

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The abaya on this page is inspired by warm Dubai evenings is perfect for throwing on over any outfit to instantly transform into the perfect Arabian night outfit, wearing this you would want to take many photo's down the Jumeirah beach promenade or while visiting the Atlantis hotel.

Abayas from Dubai have changed greatly over the years, what used to a simple all black garment has now become lit up just like the area itself, Dubai 100 years ago was sand dunes, now you see the worlds tallest building and its fair to say the abaya has had such a transformation in the region and this piece was made to showcase exactly that.

Make sure you see our complete abayas collection to gain further Dubai fashion inspiration.

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