Arabian Boutique, Bringing Top Arabian Fashion To The World

Founded in 2017 by top Dubai Fashion designer Noor, A Saudi Born fashion designer who introduced Arabian Fashion to the west and helped transform how women's clothing was perceived in Saudi Arabia.

"As a child I remember women would only wear one outfit, the black abaya, as a matter of fact it was the only piece of clothing permitted to wear back then. However once the law changed we were able to create new pieces which still remained modest and true to our roots"



Arabian Boutique has been leading the way in timeless modest fashion, constantly innovating and being at the forefront of modest Islamic fashion.

We believe in making clothes that respect our core values of modesty and quality, creating clothing and garments that are designed to last, just like the old ones did. Fast fashion is harming the environment and it goes against our principles.

"I never go out of fashion because my brand is Sunnah"
For many women living in certain parts of the world they can not get access to abayas or hijabs so we felt it is out duty and mission to supply the latest trends and styles at the most competitive prices allowing easy access to all.

We have shops in both London and Manchester from where we ship all over the world all our items you can buy online and received shipped right to your front door.

Enjoy your time in our shop and if you have any questions you can use our live chat or email us at .


Thank you and welcome!

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