Loose Nida Abaya Dress - ArabiaBoutique Loose Nida Abaya Dress - ArabiaBoutique
Nida Abaya Dress Wide Sleeved £39.99 £59.99
The way this Abaya drapes off your arms with the tapered waist just exudes elegance, be sure to step with grace when you enter a room wearing this Abaya as a pure poise is to be especially noted. A staple must have for your closet, the fabric is breathable and lightweight but just look at those sleeves, slide your hands in and out revealing beautiful henna or bracelet while you reach for a cold drink , tea of coffee.
Satin Abaya Dress - Arabian Boutique Satin Abaya Dress - Arabian Boutique
Satin Abaya Dress £29.99 £41.99
Satin Abaya Dress We chose Satin to create this elegant abaya dress because it is shiny, soft and gives a wonderful drape - the inherit elastic means it always keeps its form. The elastic wrist cuffs and belt on the waist creates an incredible look, this Satin abaya is suited to both formal and everyday occasions - it really does suit all occasions and all climates as with Satin you will never feel to hot or too cold. The bottom half of the dress is weaved in such a way to create a layered look given an added air of sophistication. Made of the highest quality material, we do not believe in "fast fashion" you can be assured wash after wash, wear after wear this design will continue to hold its shape, colour and sophistication.
Simple Daily Wear Cotton Abaya Dress - ArabiaBoutique Simple Daily Wear Cotton Abaya Dress - ArabiaBoutique
Abaya Dress With Collar £35.99 £79.99
Power dress to perfection with this signature abaya. Crafted in a luxe sheen-rich fabric, this lightweight and contemporary abaya is great for everyday wear. It’s finished off with fitted sleeves, built in waist belt and front buttons.The collar is a great touch to give formality and smartness to the Abaya dress, the gold buttons really showcase the quality... you can't have normal buttons on such a design that's for sure!
Saudi Abaya - Arabian Boutique Saudi Abaya - Arabian Boutique
Saudi Abaya £29.99 £41.99
Abaya For Saudi Arabia Although it is not mandatory now to wear abaya or hijab in Saudi Arabia, many people feel more comfortable wearing an Saudi abaya while visiting, mainly for comfort (the heat) and for modesty, remember even if you are not Arab or Muslim you wont be accused of "cultural appropriation" for wearing an abaya, as a matter of fact most will take it as a compliment. It is recommended to buy an Saudi abaya online before visiting so you are prepared for arrival, it is recommended to buy a few, and then visit the mall while in Saudi Arabia to buy more if needed. If you are worried about being a foreigner and wearing an abaya while in Saudi Arabia , don't worry, you will be treated with much respect and admiration for following local customs, these Saudi abaya we have are light weight and perfect for the heat.
Gold Shoulder Abaya Dress - Arabian Boutique Gold Shoulder Abaya Dress - Arabian Boutique
Gold Shoulder Abaya Dress £39.99 £79.99
Gold Shoulder Abaya A elegant umbrella cut abaya made from sleek soft satin with a beautiful gold design on the shoulder.
New 2021 Fancy Abaya Dress - Must See - S / BLUE New 2021 Fancy Abaya Dress - Must See
New 2021 Fancy Abaya Dress - Must See £29.99 £41.99
Brand New Fancy Abaya Style For 2021 This is an Abaya where you need to take a closer look, it is a two in one open and closed, it is a regular abaya dress but with an appearance of wearing an open abaya over it but actually it is the same piece! A Real Fancy Abaya Perfect For Any Occasion Available in four brilliant colours (the colour of the abaya dress underneath) and on the outside you have a built in string belt to tie tight or loose as you want,  and beads placed alongside the arms and center. A brilliant part of the design - see how the sleeves are elasticated on the black part of the outfit... but look at the bottom hem it is shorter it gives the appearance that you have two outfits on when really it is just one beautiful elegantly designed outfit!  
Embroidered Abaya - Arabian Boutique Embroidered Abaya - Arabian Boutique
Embroidered Abaya £39.99 £79.99
New Design Front Embroidered Abaya Available in 4 wonderful designs with size upto 4xl. Intricate embroidered abaya to showcase a majestic pattern which covers the full front,notice at the bottom of the abaya it appears an opening, however this is a single abaya dress the different colour layer is actually part of the same outfit, it just creates a unique look and adds to the opulence of the design. Embroidered abayas hold a special place due to the time which is required into going into creating the look, what makes this one special is the different colour in the lower part which gives the appearance of an open abaya. A perfect piece in your wardrobe its sophisticated and ideal for a formal event or ideal for the working week.  
batwing abaya s Batwing Abaya
Batwing Abaya £39.99 £79.99
New Batwing Abaya In 4 Colours Designed in Dubai, inspired by the elegant fashion of evening events held this batwing abaya graces the wearer with an allure of splendour which exudes to all in the wearers presence. Each gold rhinestone is delicately placed and stuck so it will never move or come loose, to create an opulent design which runs down the arms and center. This exquisite piece is made using multi-layered chiffon, that's what creates the wing affect , it is a lightweight fabric so the abaya is never heavy on you, it is light and airy which creates the grace with each step and movement.
Dubai Abaya - dark blue Dubai Abaya
Dubai Abaya £39.99 £79.99
Authentic And Original Dubai Abaya From Dubai The abayas from Dubai are well known to the world as it is such a glamorous city, known for being the epicentre of Islamic fashion the city is host to many fashion events such as the Dubai Fashion week  which showcases the latest Dubai abaya trends and designs. For many though, travelling to Dubai to buy an abaya is a luxury out of their reach, that's why we have brought the collection straight to you at Arabian Boutique so you can easily get a Dubai abaya online from the comfort of your own home. Buy Dubai Abayas UK and Worldwide With Free and Fast Delivery. The abaya on this page is inspired by warm Dubai evenings is perfect for throwing on over any outfit to instantly transform into the perfect Arabian night outfit, wearing this you would want to take many photo's down the Jumeirah beach promenade or while visiting the Atlantis hotel. Abayas from Dubai have changed greatly over the years, what used to a simple all black garment has now become lit up just like the area itself, Dubai 100 years ago was sand dunes, now you see the worlds tallest building and its fair to say the abaya has had such a transformation in the region and this piece was made to showcase exactly that. Make sure you see our complete abayas collection to gain further Dubai fashion inspiration.
Sporty Hooded Abaya - ArabiaBoutique Sporty Hooded Abaya - ArabiaBoutique
Sporty Hooded Abaya £29.99 £41.99
This  Abaya Hoodie will keep you comfortable on the go when you need it most. Stay cool and confidently covered in this quality crafted rayon and cotton jersey blend that will leave you free to get on with what you do best.
Glittery Dubai Romantic Abaya - Arabian Boutique Glittery Dubai Romantic Abaya - Arabian Boutique
Glittery Dubai Romantic Abaya £54.99 £89.99
Have you ever wanted to shine but be modest with your fashion sense? Then this luxury Dubai glittery abaya will help you do just that. Feel the warmth and comfort in this clothing. Please find the size details for your reference below.   S: Bust 98 cm,Sleeve 60 cm,Length 135 cmM: Bust 103 cm,Sleeve 60 cm,Length 138 cmL: Bust 108 cm,Sleeve 60 cm,Length 143 cmXL: Bust 113 cm,Sleeve 62 cm,Length 148 cm2XL: Bust 118 cm,Sleeve 62 cm,Length 153 cm
Arab Cardigan Kaftan Robe - Arabian Boutique Arab Cardigan Kaftan Robe - Arabian Boutique
Arab Cardigan Kaftan Robe £54.99
A timeless handmade Chiffon Abaya. The high quality Chiffon is layered with a soft lining, that is a breathable fabric and ideal for the summer heat. Pair this up with our scarf to match :) Get this Kaftan Robe before it's too late.   Size S Bust 102cm Sleeve 60cm Length133cmSize M Bust 107cm Sleeve 60cm Length138cmSize L Bust 112cm Sleeve 60cm Length143cmSize XL Bust 117cm Sleeve 60cm Length148cmSize 2XL Bust 122cm Sleeve 60cm Length153cm
Turkey Semi-Formal Two-piece Sets Hijab Dress - Arabian Boutique Turkey Semi-Formal Two-piece Sets Hijab Dress - Arabian Boutique
Turkey Semi-Formal Two-piece Sets Hijab Dress £35.99
Be the face of modest fashion with this beautiful and trendy two-piece set. Available in 2 colours, you can rock this is a semi-formal or casual wear. Please note that hijab is not included. Please see the size guide images for more information:   Size reference S: Shoulder 38 cm,Tops Bust 95cm,Pant Waist 68 cm,Tops length 88 cm,Pants length 102 cm , sleeve 58 cmM: Shoulder 40 cm,Tops Bust 101 cm,Pant Waist 72 cm,Tops length 90 cm,Pants length 106 cm ,sleeve 59 cmL: Shoulder 42 cm,Tops Bust 107 cm,Pant Waist 76 cm,Tops length 92 cm,Pants length 110 cm , sleeve 60 cmXL: Shoulder 44 cm,Tops Bust 113 cm,Pant Waist 80 cm,Tops length 94 cm,Pants length 114 cm ,sleeve 61 cm2XL: Shoulder 46 cm,Tops Bust 119 cm,Pant Waist 84 cm,Tops length 96 cm,Pants length 118 cm ,sleeve 62 cm
Kaftan Abaya Kaftan Abaya
Kaftan Abaya £29.99 £29.99
Kaftan Abaya Style (Headscarf Included) This style of Kaftan abaya is very popular in Morocco, most women will wear this as the daily clothing style, the white is good for daytime and the black design is perfect for evening.
Modern Abaya Modern Abaya
Modern Abaya (3 Piece Set) £34.99 £34.99
Modern Abaya 2021 Style Three piece outfit included, open abaya with inside kaftan and hijab. A complete outfit we are only selling a limited number of these because with such a fashionable look it is quite reasonable to say you don't want to be bumping into other people wearing the exact same modern abaya style! Modern abayas are different than traditional ones, they give a unique twist on the design making it more unique. As timeless as the abaya may be, fashion does change regularly and new designs are "invented" so mixing modern and past styles together creates magnificent designs such as this one. Inspired by traditional geometric styles with a wonderful Moroccan style kaftan inside and a red headscarf including to complete the look.
Hooded Abaya Dress Hooded Abaya Dress
Hooded Abaya Dress £29.99 £41.99
This Hooded Abaya Dress Is Just What You Need This Time Of Year! Nice and simple black hooded abaya with pockets either side for storing all your essentials making life much easier, ideal for throwing on when lounging around the house or nipping out to the shops.Draw strings around the hood to make nice and snug, and flares towards the bottom to give a perfect fit accommodating all sizes this design is available up to 5XL and the tapered look means it never looks big or clunky the abaya.The fabric is soft ,warm, durable and stretchy so your movement will never feel limited. The black abaya with a hood was designed to meet the needs during the Covid pandemic more and more people staying at home but want something that still looks smart and comfortable to wear and appropriate while going to shops or walking round the park making this a modest loungewear essential,  
Hooded Abaya for Girls - Arabian Boutique Hooded Abaya for Girls - Arabian Boutique
Hooded Abaya for Girls £29.99 £41.99
Simple Jilbab for girls aged upto 7 years old. Comes with a hood and is free fitting.Made with soft cotton and polyester blend it is comfortable and breathable.Perfect for a little girl , she will love to wear this girls abaya jilbab perfect for matching mum!When your daughter sees you in your majestic jilbab she can copy you and wear her one too.
Printed Design Butterfly Abaya - Arabian Boutique Printed Design Butterfly Abaya - Arabian Boutique
Printed Design Butterfly Abaya £29.99 £41.99
Available in different styles, this incredibly butterfly abaya is super stylish.Made with the highest quality nida, A cotton and polyester blend.In stock with free delivery worldwide.