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We don't Believe in Fast Fashion, Abaya Is a timeless garment over 1000 years old so our designs are prepared to be durable

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High Quality Ethical Standards Made by top Dubai Fashion designer Noor Saleh and Featured in Riyadh Arab Fashion Week

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Arabian Fashion is taking over the fashion industry the elegance and beauty of Arabic clothing for women is a universal appeal and welcomed by many cultures all over the world, although known as muslim dresses , abayas and kaftans are now worn proudly by women of all religions and nationalities not only as a badge of modesty but because of the unique styles that can't be replicated in the "jeans and top" western fashion. Arabic clothing for women empowers the wearer, it does not restrict or diminish their femininity, many hold an outdated view based on what once was the Saudi Arabian norm (long black abaya dresses) however much to peoples surprise the Arabian peninsula is now leading the fashion revolution and although it might seem new, the trend is certainly staying true to its roots and cultural principles such as using only the highest quality fabrics and creating the garments with care and respect for the wearer. Browse our collection of modest Islamic clothing online and buy from the comfort of your home.