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Abaya For Saudi Arabia

Although it is not mandatory now to wear abaya or hijab in Saudi Arabia, many people feel more comfortable wearing an Saudi abaya while visiting, mainly for comfort (the heat) and for modesty, remember even if you are not Arab or Muslim you wont be accused of "cultural appropriation" for wearing an abaya, as a matter of fact most will take it as a compliment.

It is recommended to buy an Saudi abaya online before visiting so you are prepared for arrival, it is recommended to buy a few, and then visit the mall while in Saudi Arabia to buy more if needed.

If you are worried about being a foreigner and wearing an abaya while in Saudi Arabia , don't worry, you will be treated with much respect and admiration for following local customs, these Saudi abaya we have are light weight and perfect for the heat.

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will wear to dubai (when it is allowed!)

thank you sister I will wear this when visit grand mosque in Abu Dhabi inshallah this year

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