How To Wear An Open Abaya

In the past, an Abaya was an outfit typically for Muslims to convey their modest lifestyle. It has been used mainly as a religious outfit for those who profess the Muslim faith.
The cloth had only one way to wear it is closed from the neck to the toe. But with time, the Abaya has now become an outfit that is trending. However, most people are still unsure about how to use Abaya as an outfit for their occasion and remain elegant and stylish.
The best thing about the cloth is that it can be used on almost any occasion, depending on how you wear it.

Some suggestions on how you can wear open Abaya in different styles.

Open Abaya
Wearing an Open Abaya is the trend these days. The best thing is that you can use them for almost any occasion. They are also available in different designs, colors, and fabrics.
Open Abaya can either be worn as a jacket or an overcoat. These designs will be able to match with anything else that you want to wear.


When you are making your choice on Abaya, it is important to choose a fabric in line with the occasion. For instance, during the summer season, you will need to use light clothing. It is appropriate to choose linen and cotton not to wear something too heavy for the season.

Some Fabrics of Abayas to choose from:

  1. Embroidered Abayas

  2. Chiffon Abaya
  3. Silk Abaya


These days Abayas are available in different designs. It is essential to choose a design that fits your shape. Also, since you can get different colors and styles, you should ensure you choose a color that will look best on you. You can also custom-design your outfit to add glamour to it so that you appear outstanding. If you talk to the designers, you can be sure to get a design that fits you and gives an elegant appearance.


When you are choosing your Abaya, it is good to choose neutral colors. Colors like grey, beige, black, or brown are versatile, and they can blend with many other colors. Choosing these colors will allow you to combine and match your dressing with most other colors of your trousers or skirt. The colors are also good for many different occasions. The best thing is that you can use your Abaya as casual or official wear. When you are not sure, the kind of event you are going to or the dress code back can save you. The best thing with back is that it does not run out of fashion. Also, black can make you look moiré and slim than your usual size. Therefore it will make you fit or any occasion ahead of you.

Open Abayas

Monochrome Abaya


It is important to make sure you choose a perfect length for your outfit. Abayas are measured in length, and therefore you can ensure you have one that is your perfect height. It is not good to let your coat run down under your fit. At the same time, do not choose one that is too short. Ensure that you have a perfect height for your Abaya.

Think About Sleeves

After getting the perfect height for your Abaya, ensure you also get the sleeves right. The sleeves will determine your look. You can use the ready-made sleeves, or you can design what you want. If you are not sure how to design your sleeves it is better to go for the end around the wrist.


You can also use accessories to spice out your dressing. Whether you choose to wear a scarf or ornaments, the Abaya will fit with your choice. If you want to and a little excited about what you are wearing, you can add some shades. That will make you vibrant and stylish and make you stylish and out of the crowd.


You can use your Abaya with either flat or high heels. All that you need to consider is the style that you choose and also the occasion. If you are going for a cocktail, you may not want to choose a shoe that will make you want to leave your drink halfway because you are tired. Also, when you are choosing shoes, consider the colors. Ensure you choose colors that blend well with your Abaya.

Wearing an Abaya can be both interesting and fashionable. Therefore, it is good to make sure you create a great day for yourself by choosing the right colors, fabric, and style. You will be all mean to stand out and make a statement.

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