New and Trendy Different Hijab Styles

The Hijab Is More Than Just A Piece Of Clothing

The woman beneath the hijab is one who chooses to be bold and brave.

When we put our hijabs on we feel comfort come over us, peace and tranquility all at the same time as it reminds us who we are, what we believe and what we stand for.

Such an essential item most of us wear every day, and many different cultures and religions also wear coverings on their head it is a badge of honor endowed by women all over the world. 

A hijab may be worn in several distinct ways and can be adapted for plenty of occasions and outfit styles, which makes it incredibly important that you stay in-the-know as it concerns the various materials, colors and hijab styles available to you. That is why we've put together a complete hijab style manual with easy-to-follow steps to make certain you remain confident on your day-to-day styling.

As such, there is no one way to use this classic and highly adaptable piece - letting you make different hijab styles and signature looks of your own. All you need is a set of amazing hijabs and a couple of essential procedures of wearing them to get you started.

Is the Hijab becoming a fashion statement?

Wiwid Howat, renowned hijab fashion blogger did pose this question and we would have to say wearing a hijab is a very powerful personal statement, especially in this day and age in some regions of the world you have to be so brave to wear hijab so it is more of a personal, identity statement rather than a fashion statement - although, the hijab certainly is so fashionable in the way you can wear it in many different styles.

In this informative article, our hijab fashion experts are sharing how to wear different hijab styles, making certain you know how to wear your hijab, but that you are also in the best position possible to make a personalised appearance of your own. Thus, let's dive right in...

There are many different hijab styles, this guide we will show you different ways to wear your hijab.

1) Chiffon Hijab For The Traditional Hijab Style

Chiffon is usually the best material for traditional hijab style because it wraps easy, is lightweight and breathable and does not become creased, you can use hijab pins and you can get magnetic ones which make it so much easier now or you can just put it on loosely which is quite common in Iran.


Turban Hijab Style

There are different ways to do hijab turban style, but one thing we can sure agree on - they should be easy to wrap! Nobody wants to spend hours working out how to perfectly wrap a turban hijab, our ones are easy to put on (takes around 30 seconds) and come in a variety of colors.

See how simple and easy it is!
These are really good for the summertime if you live in a hot climate.
Please note : The Top Bun Turban Hijab Is Generally Frowned Upon

Turkish Hijab Style

Strangely enough Turkey once banned hijabs in universities and civil servant jobs, but President Erdogan changed the law in 2013, since then women can wear their treasured hijabs wherever they please.

Hijabs in turkey tend to be of the colourful print variety and the ladies wear a cap under the hijab to keep the hair in place.

You can see in this design it is quite important to wear the undercap to achieve the turkish hijab style, we always give free undercap when you order one of our printed hijabs. 

Turkish hijabs are usually made of satin or matte satin however some can be silk based hijabs. They are usually very shiny and reflective and this is what it gives them that distinctive look that you don’t usually get with other hijabs.

Silk Hijab

Silk is such a luxury fabric reserved only for special occasions, many hijabs claim to be silk but are actually satin silk which is not the same material (and much cheaper) . Real silk Hijabs are a thing of pure elegance

Silk Hijab

I would not recommend to wear a silk hijab while walking in the daytime sun for example as it can be a fabric that makes you feel warm and IMPORTANT ONLY use hijab magnets to keep it tied, if you use regular hijab pin you may snag or damage the fabric.

Printed Cotton Hijab

Cotton is a great material for hijabs as it is lightweight and drapes beautifully, it also is perfect for printing on which means it can be used to create wonderful designs, try to make sure your cotton hijab is ethically sourced and organic

New and Trendy Different Hijab Styles

 With a cotton hijab you will need hijab magnets or hijab pins to keep it closed, its a perfect material for all seasons and for everyday wear but bear in mind cotton is a much looser fabric so it doesnt have the stretch that  jersey hijab has.
With a cotton hijab you will need to iron it, so make sure you put the iron on a low temperature before you do.

Jersey Hijab

Jersey Hijabs have a great stretch to them meaning there is no need to bother with pins or magnets , the suitable stretch makes it great for adjusting styles. Jersey Hijab material is made of a synthetic fibre, polyester, sometimes a small amount of cotton is blended in but generally they are synthetic.

So which style of hijab should you use?

There is so much selection that's true, but just stick to whatever your comfortable with and the occasion, if you are attending a fancy dinner, a printed baroque style silk hijab would be an elegant touch whereas if your off to the gym a jersey hijab would be more ideal.


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