What Type Of Hijab Pin Should I Use?


When it comes to hijab accessories, nothing can really rival the elegance and versatility of hijab pins. For every modest woman who wants to express her bold and brave self through fashion, hijab jewelry is the ideal options for a much-needed sartorial upgrade.

Whether you are well-versed in the art of accessorizing or looking to learn more about the original types of Hijab pins, their benefits, and their use, we rounded up all the information you need to know below.


The original type of Hijab pin and how's it used today

Pins have been helping women secure and maximize their Hijab style for decades.  Hijab pins were designed to help women adhere to cultural principles, maintain modesty as well as show their femininity in the most elegant way possible.  This way, women can prevent the scarf from dislodging or blowing off in the wind while living room for infinite vestiaries experimentations.

 The classic straight pins, safety pins, and stick pins that used to be plain and simple have undergone some serious transformation.


 Today, hijab accessories, including rhinestone-covered butterflies, multicolored crystal styles, and striking brooches are taking over the modest clothing sphere creating an array of looks with multiple layers of fabric, draped styles, and everything in between.


The Benefits Of Standard Hijab Pins



Hijab pins are very simple to use


Hijab pins are extremely easy to use. They make the entire placement process a breeze. You can use them during the hijab wrapping process to pin down the scarf accordingly and find just the right angle and draping preference.  


They come in assorted colors to match every outfit


Long gone are the days when modest Islamic clothing was plain and simple. Now you can experiment with dozens of different colors to mix and match the perfect ensemble. Hijab accessories come in so many color variations to help you match them to all your future outfits with ease.


They are small and convenient


Hijab pins are small, discreet, convenient, and sophisticated. Standard styles are approximately 1-2 inches long and can easily be placed on the outside of the headscarf.


Hijab pins are mostly inexpensive


Hijab pins are hailed as a very inexpensive accessory that can be styled in so many ways. Thanks to the low prices, you can create an arsenal filled with different hijab accessories for every occasion.


Magnetic Hijab Pin Benefits:


Magnetic hijab pins are 2022’s most prominent way of keeping your headscarf neatly in place without the need for standard hijab pins - this magnetic closure is particularly useful when you are wearing certain fabrics such as chiffon or georgette.


Our Metal Plating Magnetic Hijab Clips, for example, are the ideal option for neutral-colored outfits and pastel hues. If you are looking to perfect your dark-colored outfit, the Hijab Magnets Strong Meta Pin in matte black will offer a seamless finish.


How fancy do Hijab Pins get?


With modest Islamic clothing taking the front stage, hijab pins have now turned fancier, bolder, and unapologetically brighter. Multi Crystal Hijab Pins will add vivid pops of color; bedazzled battery pins are here to reinvent Islamic-style jewels. The options are truly endless.


Luxury Hijab Pins and types:


There is no shortage of Hijab safety pins for 2022! Straight pins are the most widely used pins. Decorative stick pins offer subtle touches of color and blink. Hijab Brooch pins embellished with multiple crystals will certainly add an elegant flair to your black abaya. Beautiful safety pins are designed to keep your headscarf in place beneath your neck. Magnetic Hijab Pins are, as we established, the most fabric-friendly option available at the moment.


Hijab brooch pins


Brooch pins are utterly beautiful jewelry pieces with pin closure. The pins secure the brooch in place on the inner side of the hijab, letting the brooch be seen on the outside. They are the perfect option for all special occasions. No matter if you love modern or retro styles, there is definitely something for you.


 For every woman who wants to showcase her beautiful personality to the world without speaking a single word, fashion offers the power to do so. From classic hijab pins to new hijab magnets and all types of hijab accessories, Arabian Boutique thrives on empowering the wearer through Arabic clothing for women of all religions and nationalities.

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