Best Abayas Dresses For The Winter

Yep, It's that time of the year already! Early dark nights, colder temperatures and tons of rain (depending where you are!)

Some of us lucky enough to live in warmer climates year round don't have to think about winter abayas and what to wear without piling on loads of layers, so here we aim to give you the best Abayas Dresses to pick for the winter

#1 Velvet Abayas

Velvet Abayas

Velvet was once a fabric only royalty wore, but it still has such a regal appeal.
It's a perfect fabric for this time of year as it is warmer than most others, it's definitely known as a winter material.
Our special blend of velvet will maintain its shape so you don't have to worry about losing shape as with most velvet materials, and our dying process means the color's will always stay looking sharp. Just don't wash on a hot temperature and leave to air dry afterwards!

#2 Sporty Hooded Abayas

hooded abayas

Throw your hood up and keep warm while keeping that rain away, these hooded abayas in our collection are a must have for the winter time.
Super fashionable and easy to look after and can withstand the harshness of a wet climate no problem, the sporty abaya look is perfect because you can just throw it on, pop the hood up and chill right out.

#3 Trench Jacket over Abaya

These long coats are perfect to throw on over whatever your wearing, the length helps keep you warm while the thick material keeps heat in.
These Turkish abaya coat's are famous and will keep you snug , we recommend a lightweight hooded abaya underneath so you can put your hood up for extra warmth!

Best Abayas Dresses For The Winter


 These Abayas Dresses Are All You Need For Winter

Yep, it really is that simple, but that's the beautiful thing about Islamic Fashion, how something so simple, so modest and still be so beautiful.

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