How To Choose The Best Material For An Abaya

In this guide we will help you choose the best fabric for your Abaya depending on the occasion.


Abayas come in various different fabrics, Nidha ( a special polyester) all the way to Denim or Cotton, the fabric variety is just as much as the individual and circumstance for wearing one.

First we start with a winter warming blue velvet abaya.

Velvet Abaya

A velvet abaya is absolutely perfect for the winter time, its a warm fabric so it helps fend off that dreaded cold weather. It is also quite a glamorous material that never creases which is always a big bonus. Make sure you don't wash this one on hot temperatures and air-dry afterwards. Perfect for a crisp dry winter/autumn day.

Second we have Chiffon, a lightweight material

Chiffon is quite an expensive material mainly due to the fact it is both lightweight, very strong and made of natural fibres vs synthetic ones like nylon. It is breathable which means if you are in the summer or warmer seasons this would be an idea choice for you. 

Pink Chiffon Abaya

Luxury Abaya Chiffon Style with Gold Embroidery

Denim, Quite a unique design for an Abaya

Now we might be the first designers to use Denim for an Abaya but what a perfect choice! Denim has been worn for such a long time not only for its fashion appeal but for its durability and strength. We created a beautiful abaya out of denim that demands attention, such a bold look that denim is known for.
Denim has been used to make dungarees in the past, it is a go to fabric for long lasting, our denim is infused with more cotton so you don't get that rigid look.

Denim Abaya

Above a beautiful denim abaya notice the free flowing cotton infused denim and the matching belt, this is much more comfortable than your regular stiff denim.

Silk Abayas, For those special events

Silk has a shimmering appearance, and when combined into a beautiful design it is certainly best reserved for special occasions. Renown amongst royalty silk is such a soft free flowing material, be warned, it wont keep you very warm that's why we recommend it as the go to choice if you are attending an event or a formal dinner - another big benefit is that it doesn't need ironing!

In a nutshell, the fabric you choose for your abaya really determines on your plans while wearing it, silk is the ideal choice for special events but not for lounging around the house, so always consider what you are going to do while wearing the abaya as after all - comfort is most important.


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