Dubai Fashion - All You Need To Know

Dubai Is An Incredible Fashion Hub

Noor Mendili should know after all being a leading Dubai Fashion designer, her range of modest meets contemporary Arabic dresses are famous all over the world.

Dubai Fashion is modest yet glamourous, its the embroidery on the abayas , colors and elegance of the abaya dresses that create such a regal look.
Dubai is a fashion hub which inspires most middle east regions and millions of Muslims worldwide, due to its incredible amount of wealthy elite , most top fashion brands such as Versace, DKNY all have outlets in Dubai which makes it a shoppers paradise.

In this guide we are going to give you some tips on looking fashionable while in Dubai, take a look at this Dubai Hijab Fashion piece.

The above outfit, a lace Dubai Abaya is a winner in the Dubai Fashion Week was designed by Noor Mendili and is perfect for the Dubai winter evening.
An exceptional open abaya with raising minarets embroidered in lace while the top half is white.

In Dubai Fashion, Modesty Is Respected

Dubai is part of the UAE which follow Shariah law, not only is modesty respected, its also part of the law,
Dressing modestly doesn't mean putting loads of layers on or covering head to toe in black, that would be incredible pain when it is 40 degrees Celsius outside, instead we recommend light air fabrics and cotton abayas to keep cool.
We have all heard stories of people being arrested for a quick kiss on the lips, holding of hands and dressing in clothes which are too revealing and unfortunately these stories are true.

I think most people are aware of this, but many people from Europe and the west have a view that modest fashion is boring, that is simply not the case.
It is such an art form and requires incredible skill if you are struggling for inspiration we would advise not to bring much clothes with you to Dubai and simply buy most of your clothes from the local shops and Malls there, you will find many Dubai fashion brands that specialize in modest wear,

Dubai Is A Fashionista Shoppers Paradise

If you head over the Naif Souk, this is a brilliant place to buy Dubai Abayas it is a large indoor market with many sellers and stores, this is the place to go to buy a cheap Dubai abaya.... just make sure to haggle on the price to get the best deal!

If you want a more expensive Dubai abaya then visit one of the small boutique shops located in Dubai's abaya mall where you will find elegant and beautiful designs that are of exceptional quality. It is a three story building that sells only Abayas and the best bit is they have tailors in all the stores which can measure you and make a custom fit Abaya.

Dubai's Abaya Mall

Getting a custom fit abaya really is a must have while in Dubai, everyone's body is different shape and it just feels so much more comfortable , especially in that 40+ Celsius heat!

Can I Buy A Dubai Abaya Online?

Sure! We would always recommend to buy some abayas before going to Dubai, especially a Dubai Chiffon Abaya as it will help keep you cool , perfect for a Dubai summer evening.
You can also choose an open Dubai abaya if you are going in the winter time, in the evening put this over what you are wearing and feel like being a member of Dubai Royalty for the day.


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