4 Of The Most Popular Arab Women Dress Styles

When it comes to Arabic Dresses there really is so many different types inspired by different regions , Dubai, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

With so much choice and variety of amazing designs it can be difficult to choose what's what, one thing you must know...

Arabic Clothing Is For All Women Regardless Of Your Nationality! 

As a matter of fact, many nations find it a great compliment to see you wearing their traditional dress, In morocco you could be a native scot walking in a traditional Kaftan and you will earn much respect and smiles from local women.

So lets see what the most popular Arab Dresses are in no particular order

#1 Moroccan Kaftan

4 Of The Most Popular Arab Women Dress Styles

The Moroccan Kaftan really is such a special piece reserved for the best occasions, it is a gown which reaches all the way to the floor and is often covered with incredibly embroidery, the two most common types are made from velvet or cotton, the velvet ones tend to be for weddings and cotton ones for casual daily wear.

#2 Palestinian Dress

Palestinian Dress' are quite exceptional indeed when you take a close look at the embroidery involved, if you see our Arab Heritage collection we have traditional Palestinian Thobe Dress in three different colors and styles to choose from.

Palestinian Dress Thobe
Above you can see the incredible embroidery involved in creating these pieces, this style actually dates back to the 1940s.

#3 Abayas

Abayas come in various different sizes and shape and is known to be 4000 years old, they wore worn by many ancient civilizations and are mainly worn by Muslim women now as they are very modest and practical wear.

See the below video for some of the hottest abaya styles at the moment


 #4 Jilbabs and Khimars

These items of clothing refer to any loose fit clothing which covers the entire body, whereas the khimar refers to a style of hijab or head covering which covers the head shoulders and arms. The plural word of Jilbab, Jalabib is actually found in the Quran, many believe this item of clothing fulfils the ideal dress code for Arabic Dress.

In final, these are the most popular types of Islamic and Arabic Dresses you will find and you will note that most remain true to their roots and the styles have only been slightly modified over the generations.
For an example of old style meeting new, see our Abaya Style Suits.

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