Ultimate Guide To Buying An Abaya Online

Buying a Women's Abaya Online in the UK and USA is very important as in the western world unfortunately abaya shops are not as common as other clothing shops, even if you do live in Dubai, Pakistan or Morocco for example, with all the lockdown stuff going on more and more people are choosing to shop online.

In this guide we will give you the best tips to buying an abaya online, what to watch out for and of course how to choose the right fit!

So get ready for...

5 Must Know Tips For Buying An Abaya Online

#1 - Check The Online Abaya Shop Is Secure!

This is the most important hence why it is number #1 , not just for when buying an abaya from an online store but when buying anything online!
Luckily it is really easy to tell if a site is secure or not, take a look to the left of where the website adress is and make sure you see a padlock sign, here is an example

Ultimate Guide To Buying An Abaya Online

If the site is not secure that means it is not safe to purchase anything from that site because your sensitive bank and personal details will not be secure, if the site has a padlock and is secure that means it is safe to buy.

#2 Check The Returns And Refund Policy

We have all done it before, ordered the wrong colour or size or just didn't like the product when it arrived!
Before ordering check, if you want to return it where do you return it too?
When buying a Dubai abaya online, check where you would return it, For example if you have to pay a lot of money in shipping to return an item you really want to consider if it is worth purchasing in the first place.
Also, how long do you have to return the item? 
Will you receive a refund or just store credit?
Make sure you have the answers to these questions before ordering.

#3 Check The Abaya Sizing Guide

If you have any doubts about what size the abaya will be or if it will fit, always message the online abaya shop first. 
Check the product page for a clear size guide with full measurements, that should help you avoid ordering the wrong size.

Ultimate Guide To Buying An Abaya Online

#4 Double Check The Fabric

 In a physical abaya shop you can simply just touch the fabric to figure out what material it is, but online it is easy to mistake velvet for cotton or even cotton for silk! Always take a quick look at the product specifics it should always be clearly labelled what fabric the abaya is made out of and if you can't figure it out just ask the store.

#5 Contact Details

The online store should have its contact details prominently located, ideally with a phone number also and a live chat option. Customer service is paramount when shopping online and it often isn't ideal to be sending emails and waiting a day or two for a reply. 
Always make sure you know how to contact the store before ordering.
Sothere you have it, 5 simple tips which will make your next abaya purchase so much easier

So Where Can I Buy An Abaya Online?

Our store Arabian Boutique has been proven a trusted source for buying Arabian clothing online including abayas, jilbabs and hijabs and for a selection of Elegant Abayas online be sure to check out our collection , if you have any questions we have 24/7 friendly customer service to answer any of your queries.
Our shop is safe and use high level security, you can use a variety of payment methods for your preference too.

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