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Our abayas are made by Muslim's , supporting the local communities where they are made. We believe in honesty and quality and that is reflected in our work, for our team its about helping women get the modest fashion they want with a high quality at the same time. 
Abayas are described as a loose fitting role wore by Muslim women, but we see it as much more then that, its an identity statement and to fulfill the new generation of Muslims in the west we see it as our responsibility to produce modest but fashionable designs.
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Sporty Hooded Abaya
Regular price £29.99
Embroidered Wing Abaya
Regular price £24.99
    Luxury Open Abaya With Pearls
    Regular price £39.99 £19.99
    Turkish Abaya with PocketsTurkish Abaya with Pockets
    Turkish Abaya with Pockets
    Regular price £39.99 £29.99
      New Comfy Lockdown Abayas ArabiaBoutique New Comfy Lockdown Abayas ArabiaBoutique
      New Comfy Sporty Hooded Abayas
      Regular price £29.99 £19.99
        Silk Abaya
        Regular price £29.99
          Cape Abaya - ArabiaBoutiqueCape Abaya - ArabiaBoutique
          Cape Abaya
          Regular price £24.99
            Black Open Velvet Abaya With Beaded Design - ArabiaBoutiqueBlack Open Velvet Abaya With Beaded Design - ArabiaBoutique
            Black Open Velvet Abaya With Beaded Design
            Regular price £29.99
              Blue Velvet Abaya - ArabiaBoutiqueBlue Velvet Abaya - ArabiaBoutique
              Blue Velvet Abaya
              Regular price £24.99
                Abaya With Zip
                Regular price £21.99
                  Black and Gold Abaya - ArabiaBoutiqueBlack and Gold Abaya - ArabiaBoutique
                  Black and Gold Abaya
                  Regular price £21.99
                    Floral Summer Abaya Dress

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                    Floral Summer Abaya Dress

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